Radioactive Minerals

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Re: Radioactive Minerals

Post by Marco75 » 03 May 2023, 17:29

I also read that polyethylene can stop/slow down radon? do you know if it is correct?
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Re: Radioactive Minerals

Post by kotarak » 04 May 2023, 00:16

Polyethylene is what regular plastic / zip-lock bags are made of and radon goes straight thru. I know they sell thick polyethylene as a "Radon Barrier" for basements and such but the effectiveness is questionable.
The other problem with retaining the Radon is that after decaying it will generate a chain of radioactive daughters effectively accumulating and contaminating the entire box and one of them (Pb-210) has a half-life of 22 years. You are better off venting it out than trying to keep it in.
Here is a good read on the subject ... 4319302696
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