Indium 115 Spectrum - Gran Sasso Experiment

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Steve Dubyk
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Indium 115 Spectrum - Gran Sasso Experiment

Post by Steve Dubyk » 22 May 2015, 00:31

After reading what was necessary to detect the In-115 peak at 497 keV, looks like we won't see this one with our equipment! To us, it will be "observationally stable".
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Re: Indium 115 Spectrum - Gran Sasso Experiment

Post by pietkuip » 22 May 2015, 06:52

"intensive irremovable background"

In our course lab the students do experiments on indium every year, but I never knew it was not quite stable. It is excellent for neutron activation experiments: large cross section and the product In-116 has a suitable half-life of about one hour, decaying with distinctive gammas.
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