USGS Geochemical and Mineralogical Maps

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USGS Geochemical and Mineralogical Maps

Post by GeoSteve » 15 Oct 2019, 07:53

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered this work by Smith et al. who mapped the soil geochemistry and mineralogy at 4857 sites evenly distributed across the continental US. Measurements were made not only at the surface, but the subsurface as well.

You can download the maps in several formats. The KML Google Earth format is very straightforward to use, and you can also display the sampling site locations, very handy to put sparse measurements into context.
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Re: USGS Geochemical and Mineralogical Maps

Post by James Luck » 12 Feb 2020, 06:35

Sweet ive been looking for a map of USA soil sampling for sometime. thanks for finding the link.
I'm especially interested in the Chicago land area, as I'm a resident. do you know did Smith add the date of sampling as well? as in most industry based regions the soil geology was changed over time.

-james luck
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