Hello from Wyoming, USA

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Hello from Wyoming, USA

Post by Jsigmo » 16 Jul 2020, 19:14

Hello everyone.

I'm a mostly a hobbyist in the radiation measurement field at this point.

However, I formerly worked for many years for a number of environmental laboratories designing, building, modifying, repairing, and calibrating radiation detection instruments as well as doing repairs, modifications, etc., on all manner of other lab instruments as well as industrial automation, SCADA, and control system work for them and other industrial and commercial customers.

I now work for a municipality operating a drinking water treatment plant as well as designing, programming, maintaining, and updating their control systems and data acquisition equipment as well as their other equipment.

My background was originally electronic design, repair, modification, and programming. But that lead to working on and with radiation detection and measurement equipment when doing various work for local laboratories who, because of the uranium industry in this area, naturally have a lot of radiation instrumentation.

Because of my long-time interest in the field, I haven't been able to resist acquiring various radiation measuring instruments. Among these are some NaI gamma scintillation detectors that I want to test and potentially put to use doing gamma-spec experiments. To that end I've ordered a Gamma Spectacular GS-USB-PRO USB GammaSpectacular Spectrometer MCA, and anxiously await its arrival.

I hope to learn more about its use and the various software that can be used with it by visiting this forum. Along the way, I hope to also be of some value answering any questions about which I may have useful experience.

So howdy from Wyoming, everyone.
Jim Harrison
Wyoming, USA

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Re: Hello from Wyoming, USA

Post by Sesselmann » 16 Jul 2020, 20:20

Hello Jim,

Thanks for the intro and welcome to the forum, it sounds like you could teach us a thing or two ;)

I hope your GS turns up soon and look forward to hear your assessment.

See you around...


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Re: Hello from Wyoming, USA

Post by iRad » 16 Jul 2020, 21:54

Welcome Jim! I'm sure you will be able to contribute much to the forum. Thanks for the order, your GS-USB-PRO is shipping this morning by Priority Mail and should be with you in a couple days.
Cheers, Tom Hall / IRAD INC / Stuart, FL USA
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