Hi from northern Germany

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Re: Hi from northern Germany

Post by keuleeule » 18 Sep 2020, 22:01

That sounds indeed interesting, nice job to be honest.
I never heard about SNAP but remember the satellite issue. Wasnt there as well a Japanese satellite in trouble some years ago?

What sizes or quality of equipment are you using? I handle with 300kg lead and am not really able to detect bananas, your equipment should read out smallest amounts of activity even of the sample is not called radioactive...

So the lab is within AWI or do you need to collaborate with external labs?

Nice science job...

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Re: Hi from northern Germany

Post by DanaRansby » 22 Sep 2020, 02:40

@Kolja: Ha, that's a misunderstanding. I used to work as a research scientist at the physics department of Uni Bremen, but now radioactivity is my hobby only, that's why I used past tense in my introduction. I do work at AWI, but my field is data management, totally unrelated to my previous research. Btw, AWI has a nice lab and plenty of expertise in measuring low levels of natural and artificial radionuclides by both radiometric and mass spectrometric techniques. I used to cooperate with the AWI group while working in Bremen, because while Bremen lab is well equipped for low level activity (alpha, beta, gamma), it doesn't have a mass spectrometer. The gamma spectrometer I used most often in Bremen was 50% coaxial HPGe (76 mm diameter/ 60.5 mm length), housed in layered shield Pb: 92 mm, Cu: 10 mm, Cd: 1.3 mm, PMMA: 5 mm. That particular detector was also sold by Canberra as ultra low level, meaning the material used for the housing and electronic was lower background than standard models.
I haven't heard about Japanese satellite troubles, must have missed that one...


Re: Hi from northern Germany

Post by Grandpa1018 » 14 Oct 2020, 01:00

Welcome to group

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