Hi from northern Italy

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Hi from northern Italy

Post by ziouranio » 19 Sep 2020, 21:07

Good day everybody,
I'm Philip, I guess the last (1996) Nuclear Engineer from the University of Bologna (Italy) before the course name was changed to Energetic Engineering LOL.

Being italian nuclear industry ostracized I recycled first into composite materials technology and non destructive testing equipment, then to high security (locks & bio metrics) and finally to photonics, in particular distributed fiber optic sensors, the filed where I am still working.

My "nuclear" passion started at 6 from collecting minerals, since I was suggested to restrict the focus of my stone collections and I thought that U and Th minerals are few enough to achieve the complete collection one day. Needing to check the stones I built my first GM counter kit at 8, and I've been fascinated by the possibility od seeing the invisible since that moment.

I owe quite a bunch of "cold war" museum pieces and I am interested also in spectroscopy detectors. I've some Si schottky diodes for alpha, few NaI, CsI, LiI integral lines, some He3 and BF3 neutron counters and I used to have a couple of HPGe but then I sold them to the local faculty of radio-chemistry when their pop-tops died years ago, so I don't have to look after the LN2 level every morning.

Recently I got some CZTs and I found this forum while looking for info on them, and ... I was hooked up instantly.

Have fun everybody! (especially if above the ultra violet)

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Re: Hi from northern Italy

Post by Sesselmann » 19 Sep 2020, 21:34

Hi Philip,

Cool to have you on our forum, you sound like the kind of guy who understands us, and yes we speak pico meters here :D

I recall having a hand full of those cZT detectors, wish I had some now, they would be useful for XRF experiments.

This spectrum of Ba133 was done with one of those cZT detectors. https://www.gammaspectacular.com/image/ ... 3Ba(2).jpg

I recall they were very microphonic (sensitive to vibration).


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