Jewelery from Scintillation Crystals

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Jewelery from Scintillation Crystals

Post by sgt_bear » 02 Aug 2022, 05:59

Hi folks,

I follow a few mineral collectors' Instagram sites and therefore get recommended posts from similar topics, a few days ago I stumbled over a page that seems to be a gem cutter.
Whats kinda special here, is that they used Scintillation Crystals to make "Gemstones" from them. Mainly LuAg and GAgG which are mainly used in PET and CT imaging rather than gamma spectroscopy. But it seems they can be made into beautiful jewelry too.

Here is one example:
More posts can be found here on the bottom of the page:

Never seen something like this before, but I wonder about the hardness of these materials...
- Jonathan from Switzerland

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Re: Jewelery from Scintillation Crystals

Post by Sesselmann » 04 Aug 2022, 09:46


Thanks for posting, maybe there are opportunities for me 😂

Some people here might not know I also have a jewellery business.


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