ARPS Conference and neutron experiment

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ARPS Conference and neutron experiment

Post by Sesselmann » 03 Nov 2023, 22:27

Hi All,

Have just returned from the ARPS conference (Australian Radiation Protection Society) on the Gold Coast where my friend Max Koshelev and I sponsored an exhibit.

For those of you who haven't been to the Gold Coast here is a taste of what it looks like. ... Q0nWOcZKjh

We had a great time met a lot of scientists working in the field of radiation detection and received a lot of positive feedback. Quite surprising how many people knew about our products. We exhibited some of my products, some of Max's products and some new products we have collaborated on.

For obvious reasons I never got a picture of the table when we were busy, but this was our modest display.
At the end of the conference we joined a half day tour to University of Queensland Centre for advanced imaging to see the cyclotron and a giant 7 tesla NMR scanner. ... lities.pdf

On the one hour flight back to Sydney we decided to conduct a little experiment. Since we had the new GS-NEUTRON-3 with bluetooth in our luggage, we decided to switch it on and place a smartphone inside the bag to log the data, before checking the bags in.

On arrival in Sydney we found this result. Screen shot from the Android smart phone, time on the x axis and counts per minute on the y axis.
flight.jpg (58.44 KiB) Viewed 406 times
Quite a nice neutron log, and we can even se a small peak in the beginning before takeoff from what we suspect might be the x-ray machine.

The neutron detector has an nvth (sensitivity to thermal neutrons) of around 6.2, meaning it will give 6.2 counts per second in a flux of 1 n/s/cm^2

So for a count rate of 450 cpm as seen during the flight, the neutron flux was approximately 450 cpm / (6.2 nvth * 60 s) = 1.2 n/s/cm^2, chat GPT confirmed this is in the expected range for a commercial flight at 30,000 feet. ... -neutron-3

Log file
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Re: ARPS Conference and neutron experiment

Post by Marco75 » 09 Nov 2023, 17:37

Nice display and really interesting the neutron detector!
thanks for sharing!!
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