Maths refresher video

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Maths refresher video

Post by Sesselmann » 17 Mar 2023, 08:40

Hi All,

Having had my head deep into coding recently I have had to learn all about gaussian curves and standard distributions, all interesting stuff and relevant to what we do here. Grant Sanderson (3Blue one brown) just released this video 2 days ago with a great walk through on how the maths works.

YouTube is a fascinating place, Grant Sanderson (, probably one of the. greatest maths teachers released this video 2 days ago and has already had 430,000 views. If he had been working for a school or a university holding regular 45 minute lectures or classes for 30 students, he would have had to hold 14,333 lectures, probably a lifetime career.

Central Limit Theorem
Central Limit Theorem

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