We're still here ...

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We're still here ...

Post by Sesselmann » 25 Sep 2018, 16:28

Hi all,

It's been quiet here on the forum the last few weeks, but I'm sure all you scientists are busy working away with your heads down, I know I am..

Have been working on the new GS-PRO-USB which has progressed, but not as fast as I was hoping, I developed several prototypes of the board, and V1.5 was working really well and then I made a few small improvements and when I built the V1.6 it had a bit of noise, so now i'm working on V1.7.... Patience is a virtue ;)

Oh, and I'm also working on a new board for the GS-1100A, with all SMD components so it can be assembled in a pick and place machine.

Love to hear what you guys are working on even if it's not strictly related to gamma rays. Use the Lounge forum to share your work.


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