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Private messages staying in outbox

Post by brehwens » 20 May 2015, 05:07

Hi guys!

It has come to our attention that it appears that private messages get stuck in the outbox.

Apparently, the phpBB platform does not work as our regular email clients, were messages are sent immediately, and then transferred to the "sent" folder,

In phpBB, the PM is moved to the outbox when you click"send". It then remains there, and is editable, until the recipient opens and reads it. It is then moved to your "sent" folder.

So, no need to resend your PM multiple times. If it ends up in the "outbox", all is fine, and it should be moved to your "sent" folder when the recipient has read it. Thus, messages "stuck" in the outbox have not been read yet.

It is not unique to our forum, but is a phpBB "feature", you can read more here: ... 6&t=841175

/Steven and Karl
Karl Brehwens
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Re: Private messages staying in outbox

Post by Sesselmann » 26 Oct 2017, 11:11

All users,

Due to recent questions I am pushing this post back to the top.

If you are a regular reader of the forum and don't log in each time, you may not see the red notification in the heading when there is a private message for you.

To receive an email when someone sends you a message,
Click on your name (top right) and go to the user control panel (UCP) >> Board preferences >> Edit Notification Options, then tick the appropriate box.


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