I131 Spectrum

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I131 Spectrum

Post by MartinM » 06 Jun 2021, 08:41

I131 used to treat thyroid cancer, measured 2 weeks after administering the treatment (1 tablet). Dose rate close to thyroid ~7 uSv/h.
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Rob Tayloe
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Re: I131 Spectrum

Post by Rob Tayloe » 13 Jun 2021, 07:03

My cat had a thyroid condition leading to weight loss; she was treated with I-131 this past December. We picked her up from the treatment place after a 2 day wait. The dose equivalent rate at a distance of about 30 cm was less than 1 uSv/hr. When she arrived back home she soon went to her litter box. I collected about a 30 g sample of the solidified urine-litter; the sample was double bagged and served as an interesting source for a short while. Following are several of the spectra images that I collected. These spectra were collected about 3 weeks following her treatment.

The first image was a spectrum acquired using a CZT detector in the form of a Kromek RadAngel using the Kromek KSpect software. The CZT detector is 5mm x 5mm x 5mm in size.
The next image was a spectrum acquired using a Lanthanum Bromide scintillator (about 25 mm dia x 25 mm ht) using a Gamma Spectacular box and PRA software.
The next image was acquired using a ScintiClear Strontium Iodide detector (14 mm x 14mm x 25mm) and a 4262 PicoScope and software from Maximus Energy. I am showing the set-up page from the MaxEnergy software and a larger image of the spectrum-

I-131 SrI.png
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