Another fukushima soil spectrum.

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Another fukushima soil spectrum.

Post by sgt_bear » 11 Aug 2017, 07:18


Thanks to luuk, i now have a soil sample too! Thanks again.

After having trouble with my detector, i still tried to make a spectrum of the sample

- This was taken unshielded, since the sample does not fit in my shield
- Background was taken for 1 hour on my desk, then used as background-file
- Sample time was 1hour too.

Xrays from Cs-137 at around 32 keV and the Gamma Peak at 661 keV are clearly visible
also i can see the smaller peak of Cs-134 at around 800 keV

Cs-134 also emits gamma rays of 569 and 604 kev, but i guess these are just merged into the big Cs-137 peak (resolution)
Also there gamma is emitted at 1365 kev with 3%...

when i zoomed up, i see a peak there at around 1400, maybe this is the Cs-134 peak at 3%, or maybe i just want to see it :) i don't know. Could be K-40 background too... (second picture, gray background, red spectrum)

- Jonathan from Switzerland

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