Introduction to BeqMoni

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Conor Whyte
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Re: Introduction to BeqMoni

Post by Conor Whyte » 25 Feb 2020, 04:25

Sorry -- the link posted previously was on a different server. It has now been mirrored ... q_v0_1.rar

Resources for building from decompiled app here: ... ng_res.rar

According to the members Madmax and Syph3r who have been in contact with the author of Beqmoni -- this is an open port project of the original program.
It has been tested as virus free. Furthermore you can assemble the project yourself in Visual studio 2019 from the BQ_Eng_res.rar.
This is good for those of us who might try and port this to ARM64 under linux (raspberry pi 4) or even under MacOS 10.15.3 using Mono.

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Ben H
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Re: Introduction to BeqMoni

Post by Ben H » 31 Jan 2021, 22:35

Does anyone know if you can do a background subtraction in BeqMoni? I can load it in and view it on top, but its not quite as useful as a full subtraction..
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