Time for a new app

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Hendrik Vingerhoet
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Re: Time for a new app

Post by Hendrik Vingerhoet » 28 Jun 2019, 17:13

Hi Conor,
i will have a look at your code this evening, at the moment my code is a bit of a mess but once it is cleaned up i will share it :)
My app is build in swift since it has to run on apple hardware. Sample not yet, the problem is that you need to set up a whole testflight program with apple at that stage.
I am also trying to get the same thing running in HTML5 + javascript, so you could use it on any platform that has sound input and a webbrowser (i am surprised that javascript can handle this since it works quite well :') ), but that does not have my priority right now.

In other news, i heard back from Marek and now sent him what i understand of the documentation he made :) I hope he will take a look.
His first email already helped a lot, ill try some more stuff tonight.
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Conor Whyte
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Re: Time for a new app

Post by Conor Whyte » 28 Jun 2019, 17:47

Great to hear you've made some progress on contacting Marek. I hoped in the future we could have something like PRA or even Theremino MCA for iPad and iPhone. Geiger Bot is nice but it is limited to a 3 point calibration.

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