Hello from Connecticut, USA

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Hello from Connecticut, USA

Post by kotarak » 07 May 2020, 23:48

My name is Andrey Stoev and I live in Brookfield, Connecticut, USA - I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I am a software engineer for a Real-time Graphics Rendering company and I design and deploy Virtual Reality Systems for the Broadcast industry (a.k.a. Virtual Studios).
I've been into Electronics and Physics for a good part of my life - for the past 40+ years.
My main interests are Science, Electronics, Robotics, Amateur Radio, Flying, Astronomy, Optics and Nuclear Physics.
Always wanted to experiment with Gamma Spectroscopy and I just started building my GS setup.
For more information on my current activities - I have a blog - http://blog.kotarak.net/
Andrey E. Stoev
Brookfield, Connecticut, USA

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Re: Hello from Connecticut, USA

Post by Svilen » 08 May 2020, 03:28

Welcome once again, Andrey! Thank you for following the rules and introducing yourself here. Great that you also have this interesting blog, I'm just going to read about the diffusion cloud chamber you show there ;)

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Re: Hello from Connecticut, USA

Post by iRad » 08 May 2020, 08:11

Welcome Andrey - Nice Blog... I love the SG-1 Neopixel Clock! Fantastic. Have fun!!!
Cheers, Tom Hall / IRAD INC / Stuart, FL USA
Please check out my eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/The-Rad-Lab

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Re: Hello from Connecticut, USA

Post by Sesselmann » 08 May 2020, 08:31

Hello Andrey,

Welcome to the forum, look forward to see what you have to share with us. Saw on your blog you have experience with cloud chambers (another one of my half finished projects).

See you around..


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Re: Hello from Connecticut, USA

Post by Jsigmo » 16 Jul 2020, 19:27

I'm completely new here, too. But may I offer my welcome, as well.

I, too, would love to build a good cloud chamber. Ideally, I'd like to come up with something that's easy for people to set up and get working at various locations so it can serve at schools and other places to educate and create interest in science. So I look forward to reading your blog and interacting with other people here who are working on and with cloud chambers.
Jim Harrison
Wyoming, USA

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