Intune Audio Analysis Software

 by Marek Dolleiser



General information.

InTune is designed for sound analysis and editing, in terms of pitch, dynamics, timing and noise. The main purpose of Intune is editing of audio tracks, particularly vocal, woodwind or brass instrument recordings, which are highly susceptible to impurity. Apart from that, InTune can be used to remove noise, edit dynamics and timing or analyse the frequency spectrum of any sound file. 

What can InTune do for you?

InTune saves hours spend on recording just to improve minor imperfections. Get your recorded sound file and let InTune do the rest. It will precisely analyse musical pitch and amplitude of the recording. You make the judgement on how to change the sound. InTune will satisfy your wishes in no time. You don't need to use the keyboard to change the pitch or amplitude, just click and drag with the mouse. Don't worry if you are out of the rhythm, use the time link feature of the program to say when the note should begin or end. InTune will make a time shift without changing the pitch of the sound. InTune also removes unwanted noise from the track using the FFT method. The composer can be creative with InTune. The possibilities of experimenting are endless. Feel free to use it in your recordings.

Hardware and software requirements:

A PC that includes a 486DX or higher processor, a Windows compatible sound card and WindowsXP or higher Windows operating system including 32bit and 64bit versions. It also works on Linux boxes using Wine.


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