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InterSpec is a native or web application to assist in analysing spectral nuclear radiation data, using a peak-based methodology.

Common uses include identifying nuclides present, determining source activity, shielding amounts, source age, or other nuclear reactions present. InterSpec also provides a number of other tools useful for analysing radiation data including spectral file format converting, dose rate calculations, interactive nuclide decay and reference information, gamma cross section calculations, and more.

InterSpec can open data files from most common spectral radiation software including PRA and Theremino.

Important Note: .

Interspec software is not a sound card MCA and will not record a spectrum directly with  Gammaspectacular. To use Interspec you must first record a spectrum using software like PRA, then save the spectrum as a txt file before  importing it into Interspec. 

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One of it's nice features is the inbuilt isotope database, which allows you to overlay the energy peaks with intensity, this can be very helpful for beginners who often struggle to identify some of the peaks.

Please note that all credits go to the author and to SANDIA labs for developing this software, Gammaspectacular has no association with the author.

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