Neutron Detectors

The art of neutron detection

Detecting neutrons is a subtle art, these neutral particles are not easily detected as they don't interact with most materials, however in suitably chosen materials neutrons are captured by the nucleus, which can result in a small but detectable pulse. At Gammaspectacular we have developed ultra sensitive circuits for the reliable counting of neutrons. We currently offer several models and will be adding more in the future. We can also provide calibration of neutron detectors if required.

GS-NEUTRON-3 He3 Neutron Detector

GS-NEUTRON-3 He3 Neutron Detector

He3 Neutron Counter GS-NEUTRON-3 The GS-NEUTRON-3 has a high efficiency He3 tube with ..

USD $2,750.00

GS-NEUTRON-II Neutron Detector

GS-NEUTRON-II Neutron Detector

GS-Neutron-III Neutron Counter (prototype)   • Special Offer One only • This is a fully fu..

USD $1,995.00

GS-SCHMITT-TRIGGER Corona Tube Preamplifier

GS-SCHMITT-TRIGGER Corona Tube Preamplifier

This preamplifier is designed for Russian corona counters, but should also work with B10 and He3 ..

USD $99.00

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Educational Institutions

Talk to us about classroom bulk purchases, why share one spectroscopy system per class, when you can have one on every workbench. We can offer formal quotations by request and are happy to cooperate with government or institutional procurement teams. Please use contact us for a quote.