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A selection of videos by others using Gamma Spectacular in the field. These videos have been published by the individual users and Bee Research has no association with the individuals.



This video was published by bionerd23 on Published on 5 Apr 2012

"for this gamma spectrometer, you only need a computer

with a soundcard and a scintillation detector...

and the "gamma spectacular" box, or if you're good with electronics

you can even build the interface yourself.

I tried tapping into my ludlum 3's circuit

but while an oscilloscope saw the proper pulses,

my soundcard just saw gibberish. unable to fix this,

i decided to finally purchase the "gamma spectacular"

and am more than happy with it! =)"



This video was published by "antiprotons" on Published on 1 Feb 2013

I got a Gamma Spectacular, from Bee Research

so I can finally see if PRA software is as good as people say it is.

Also, I have a new HD camera! I am still getting a feel for the camera,

so the video might get a little better next time around.



This video was published by "aleamundi" on Published on 11 Sep 2012

Spectrum of cesium 137 gamma-emitting radioisotope

source measured using a GX-1 NaI(Tl) gamma scintillation detector

+ Gamma Spectacular GS-1100A driver + PRA v.4.



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See youtube for publisher details in Japanese



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