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Apart from Gamma Spectrometry and making the GS range of spectrometry instruments, my interests are diverse, here are just some of the tings that keep me busy.



As one is working with gamma rays and particle colliders, one can't help thinking about how it all works, and intuitively there are a few things that don't seem quite right to me, so I would like to share my thoughts on paper and let you be the judge..


S.T.A.R. Hollow Cathode Reactor

The star fusion reactor is a hollow cathode fusion reactor which confines the fusion reactive fuel, both electrostatically and mechanically within a holow spherical capacitor. A prototype reactor was built, and yielded measureable fusion, evidenced by the neutron emission. A copy of the patent can be downloaded here:


The Starfire High Power Ion Source

The Starfire ion source was designed to supply the STAR fusion reactor with a high flux source of ions, it is a hot tungsten filament type source, relatively easy to build and very powerful. In all 5 ion sources were built and used with great success. A copy of the patent can be downloaded here:


F.I.C.S. Fusion Reactor

The FICS fusion reactor was a further improvement on the original STAR reactor, with the main difference being, intra cathode injection and ionization of the fusion reaactive fuel, further, the FICS principle takes advantage of the electrical charge separation which takes place during operation. Fusion powered charge separation could lead to self sustained fusion in a reactor of larger diameter.  

Report on fusor.net 


Report on gammaspectacular.com 





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