GS-STANDUP-20 (Improved version)

The STANDUP is a simple and effective solution for background shielding it also doubles as a practical stand for any detector up to 2" diameter.

Made from PVC copper (Cu)  and tin (Sn) the GS-STANDUP weighs around 2.6 kg. and can be shipped without breaking the bank (and the couriers back). Once at its final location the lid on the base base can be unscrewed and the enclosure can be filled with locally sourced lead shot.

The detector stands upright inside the shield and samples to be measured can inserted through the opening at the front.

The sample sample cavity in the improved version is lined with 0.8 mm copper and 1.6 mm Tin sheet to reduce scattered Pb x-rays from reaching the detector. 

One of my clients documented some excellent tests on the GS-STANDUP here. GS-STANDUP Forum Post

Note: Density of lead is 11.34 g/cm^2  and stacking density of round spheres is approx. 74% , so the shielding density for lead shot is around 8.39 g/cm^2



Height: 400 mm

Width: 170 mm

Weight: 1.9 kg.

Inside Tube diameter: 75 mm

Sample chamber: 75x75 mm

Container Volume: 4.4 Ltr.

Approx. weight of lead shot:  40 Kg (85 Lbs.)

This item is made to order and may take up to a week for delivery.

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GS-STANDUP-20 Enclosure for 2.0" Detector

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