Voltage Divider for 14 Pin PMT

This voltage divider suits most standard 14 pin PMTs, it has a total resistance of 12 M Ohm, and has two connectors, SHV connector for high voltage and silver plated BNC connector for the signal.

The dynode string uses 1M Ohm fixed metal film resistors in the following scheme;

(K)  2R-TRIMPOT (D1) 1R (D2) 1R (D3) 1R (D4) 1R (D5) 1R (D6) 1R (D7) 1R (D8) 1R (D9) 1R (D10) 1R (A)

The divider is mounted in a spun aluminium cup with inside diameter of 60 mm

Outside dimensions 62 mm x 70 mm

Suits most standard PMT's.


 Single or Two Wire Configurations

This voltage divider comes wired for a two wire driver (HV and SIG) it has the load resisteor and coupling capacitor on the board, however it is easily changed to a single wire (HV direct to anode) divider by moving the HV connector to the Anode pin (no soldering required). This manual swiching allows the user to choose the SHV or the BNC conector for the connection.


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PMT Voltage Divider with Split Signal

  • Product Code: PMT-BASE-14-2
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  • USD 149.00

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