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This model is excactly the same as the GS-1100-PRO with the only difference being the maximum bias voltage and the SHV connector which is rated for higher voltage.

The wider voltage range makes this driver suitable for gas proportional counters, neutron detectors, and special scintillation crystals with low light output, so for an educational physics lab or a research institution, this one might be the better choice.

If you only intend to use this driver with geiger counters and NaI scintillation detectors, DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL, go for the GS-1100-PRO instead, as BNC connectors are much easier to find, and a lot cheaper.


GS-2000-PRO Technical Specifications   
Input Power (USB) + 5V
Current Draw < 200 ma
Output Bias Voltage (smooth potentiometer) 0V to 2000V
Output Signal (Audio Line Level) + 0 - 2500mV
Pulse length 100 µs
Preamp Gain (adjustable trim pot on bord) set to ~10%
Ripple  < 1 mV
Voltage Drift <1:1000V
High Voltage Connector SHV
Signal input connector SMA
Audio line level signal output 3.5 mm mono jack


1 x USB Cable

1 x 3.5 mm mono jack cable

1 x SMA to BNC Cable

1 x Manual

Gamma spectacular outputs an audio signal proportional to the input pulse energy, and is designed to work with sound card spectroscopy software, utilizing the analog to digital capabilities of modern computers.

This unit does not come with a radiation detector. For basic radiation activity measurements, it will work with most GM tubes or pancake detectors, and for Gamma spectroscopy it will work best with NaI scintillation detectors coupled for positive voltage. Please feel free to send us the make and model number of your radiation detector, to confirm suitability.

Any computer with a sound card and mic/line in audio jack port will work. The recommended software is for PC, but it will work perfectly on Mac OS-X with Crossover by CodeWeavers

There are several great programs available for soundcard spectrometry, and most of them are FREE, please see our software download section for the program that suits your need here.

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GS-2000-PRO (Discontinued)

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