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Atom Fast is a radiation detector and dosimeter with 8*8*50 mm CsI crystal

Atom Fast is made for radiation monitoring of land, buildings, vehicles, construction materials, etc. You can use Atom-Fast for gamma and X-ray measurements in physical experiments and educational purposes. Atom Fast contains a sensitive radiation detector (CsI scintillation crystal and silicon photomultiplier) and all electronics required to power and get readings from the sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless interface and lithium-ion battery.  Smartphones or tablet PC’s are used to process information gathered from the scintillation detector and to show readings on screen. Applications to run Atom Fast can be downloaded for free from the Apple AppStore (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). 

There are 3 user-programmable dose rate and accumulated dose thresholds with different alarm signals (sound and/or vibration). The accumulated dose is constantly stored, even while Atom Fast is in standalone mode and can be read after establishing wireless communication. 

A single smartphone or tablet PC app can operate several Atom-Fasts at once. Charging of built-in lithium-ion battery should be performed using the original charging cable connected to a USB port. 

Technical specifications.

Types of radiation detected

Gamma, X-ray, Beta

Dose rate measurement range

0,01 uSv/h – 100 uSv/h (1 uR/h – 10 mR/h)

Maximum count rate

10 000 CPS (600 000 CPM) min.

Energies of gamma- and X-rays detected

30 kEv – 10 MEv min. (Version with 8*8*16 mm CsI crystal)

60 keV - 10 MEv min. (Versions with 8*8*50** mm and 7.5*7.5*100 mm CsI crystal)

Detector sensitivity (Version with 8*8*50 mm CsI crystal)

4700 pulses per uR (130 CPS per uSv/h) typ.

Sensitivity anisotropy, Cs137

30% max. (versions with 8*8*16 mm and 8*8*50 mm CsI crystal)

Energies of beta-radiation detected

500 kEv and higher

Accumulated dose measurement range

1 nSv – 1 Sv (0,1 uR – 100 R)

Dose rate measurement accuracy with background gamma spectrum

15% max

Work time after full charge, with dose rate 0,1 uSv/h (10 uR/h) and all sounds OFF under normal environmental conditions

60 days min, 90 days typ. (versions with 8*8*16 mm and 8*8*50 mm CsI crystal)

20 days typ. (version with 7.5*7.5*100 mm CsI crystal)

Built-in Li-ion battery endurance, cycles


Line-of-sight wireless communication distance with iPhone, HTC One or Nexus 5 smartphones

15 m


120*20*12 mm (4,7”*0,78”*0,47”)


45 g max (1.6 Oz max), 55 g max (with 7.5*7.5*100 mm CsI crystal)

Environment temperature


Time to full charge

3 h

** cylindrical crystal with the same working volume can be installed without prior notice

Package contents.

  • Atom Fast radiometer-dosimeter
  • USB charging cord
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Paper Box 

Before you start

Please make sure that your Atom Fast is not physically damaged before measurement. Note that Atom Fast is not hermetically sealed, so keep it away from rain and moisture. If water or moisture got inside Atom Fast please stop measurements, switch Atom Fast OFF  and let it get dry. Don't use solvents to clean Atom Fast, wipe it with soft cloth if needed. Don’t apply excessive forces or mechanical shock to your Atom Fast! Don't try to repair Atom Fast, return it to manufacturer for service if needed. Unauthorized repairs will void the warranty.

Atom Fast connection and radiation measurement.

Atom Fast is switched ON automatically when a charger is connected. It is recommended to charge Atom Fast for 3 hours before first use. 

Install the application upon your choice:

Work modes.

Your Atom Fast can work in two main modes: search mode and measurement mode. Toggling of these modes can be done in the application you use. If your smartphone switched to sleep mode communication with Atom Fast is still alive and started measurements are still in progress. 

Search mode.

In search mode reaction to radiation dose rate change is fast in expense of measurement accuracy. You can select  between “Fast”, “Balanced” and “Accurate” search modes in application settings according to your needs. In search mode data from the sensor is analyzed using sliding window method, time to first reading is less than 5-10 seconds in “Balanced” search mode under normal radiation background (0,1 uSv/h or 10 uR/h). After first reading indicated it will be updated every two seconds. Search mode is recommended for checking of  land, vehicles, construction materials etc.

Measurement mode.

In measurement mode Atom Fast gathers information from the scintillation detector all the time until manual reset button will be pressed and indicates current statistical error which decreases with measurement time. You can start new measurement any time by pressing “Reset” button on the measurement screen. Measurement mode is suitable for detecting very low activity sources by comparison of two dose rates: background dose rate and dose rate close to possible source of radiation. Don't move your Atom Fast during measurement to get most accurate readings. Please note that statistical accuracy increases by square root law: you need to make four times longer measurement to get twice accurate result.


The application lets you choose between measurement units, set dose rate and accumulated dose alarm level and many other parameters. We work on improvement of our applications, new features are added regularly. Please keep application up to date.

Contact us on the link below if you have any further questions about this product.

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ATOM-FAST Radiation Detector and Alarming Dosimeter

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