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GS-PRO-V5 USB Gamma Spectrometer

The new GS-PRO-V5 is the latest Gammaspectacular, it's improved design draws on all the experience and feedback received from over 2000 customers. The GS-PRO-5 comes in a high quality machined aluminium enclosure and is significantly smaller measuring only 100 x 100 x 35 mm.  There have been several improvements to the circuit, but the overall functionality remains the same. 

The GS-PRO-V5 runs on free software and simply connects it to any PC or Mac* USB port and works with any brand of PMT based scintillation detector for spectrometry or any geiger counter for simple counting experiments. 


Inbuilt Audio Codec (ADC) 

Built in audio codec (ADC), eliminating the need for external audio connection to the PC sound card, this enhancement has significantly improved the signal to noise ratio and ease of use.

2000V Bias SHV Connector 

SHV connector for the high voltage bias and BNC connector for the optional signal input, making it compatible with most brands of detectors. 

Adjustable Volume and Pulse Shape 

Control over preamplifier pulse gain and shape via separate trimmer potentiometers accessible without opening the enclosure, very convenient for optimisation of the dynamic range.

Compact Enclosure

New custom designed enclosure allowing for future upgrades and modifications

Multifunction Audio Jack 

The multi function audio jack can be assigned as an input or an output making it easy to connect analogue measuring instruments. 

The audio jack right channel functions as an input, making it possible to connect two units together with a stereo crossover cable for coincidence counting. 

USB Type-C Connector

The GS-PRO-V is the first model to come with USB type-C connector. (Note the protocol remains USB 2.0)


Specs remain largely unchanged 

 Input Power (USB 2.0) (Type-C)

+ 5V

 Current Draw

< 150 mA

 Output Bias Voltage (smooth potentiometer)

0V to 2000

 ADC Sample Rate/Bit rate

48 kHz/16 Bit

 Pulse length (Adjustable) factory preset

100 ┬Ás

 Preamp Gain (Adjustable)

Line Level

 Signal to Noise ratio 

73.97 dB

 Voltage Drift


 High Voltage Connector


 Signal in Connector


 Audio Signal connection - switchable


 Dimensions L-W-H

184 x 115 x 34 mm


USB Cable Type-A to Type-C

Trimpot screwdriver

Quick start manual

* PC emulator required when used on a Mac.

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GS-PRO-V5 Gamma Spectrometer

  • USD $429.00

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