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The official Safecast app brings our extensive dataset of radiation measurements to your mobile device, and provides a full toolset to help you perform measurements with your own instrument such as a Geiger or scintillation counter (not included). The app functions as a virtual geiger counter, allowing you to see your location on a map while displaying radiation readings that have been taken nearby. 

In addition to the full Safecast dataset, you can browse data from a variety of sources including:
• The US Department of Energy / NNSA
• USGS and Canadian Geological Survey
This data includes extensive post-Fukushima surveys of Japan, aerial surveys of almost the entire North American continent and other global data. Specialized databases include distribution of Cesium isotopes in Japan, and naturally occurring uranium concentrations in the US.
Visualization tools allow you to change map backgrounds and coloring to enhance contrast between measurements allowing you to create customized views and see best how natural and man-made sources of radioactivity vary around you.
Additionally, the app functions as both a "click counter" and a multichannel analyzer.
Click counter functionality allows the app to interface with Geiger counters (line input cable recommended) and provide a display and dose rate for even the simplest devices.
The software-based MCA allows for gamma spectroscopy and isotope identification with a scintillation counter. The full IAEA recommended gamma energies table for 208 radionuclides is included. (further software configuration and test sources for energy calibration are required)
Your own measurements can be logged and displayed on the map, or shared and exported via a CSV file as an email attachment.
Finally, your measurements can be sent back to Safecast itself-- allowing you to contribute measurement data and share it with others.
About Safecast:
• Safecast is a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.
• To contribute measurement data to Safecast from the app, create a free account at


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