• GS-MAX-8000

Digital MCA (Multichannel Analyser)

The GS-MAX-8000 is a professional grade digital multichannel analyser and high voltage bias supply all in one small practical package.

Powered by a standard USB 2.0 port it powers any scintillation detector with a PMT and can collect pulses up to 200,000 cps. The internal micro processor digitizes the analogue pulses and outpiuts a complete spectrum with 8192 channels once per second. Bias voltage and other parameters can be set directly from the software interface.

Temperature Stabilised

The GS-MAX-8000 comes with an optional temperature probe and is capable of temperature compensation. Temperature compensation depends on the specific detector used, therefore it is up to activate and calibrate this feature if required. Instructions are provided in the manual.

PC, Mac and Android Software

Choose between Becqmoni Atom (PC only) or Impulse (PC or Mac) software both software have unique features which may suit your experiments. The spectrometer will also work with an Android smartphone or tablet.


Download Becqmoni for PC

Download Impulse Mac or PC

Download Atom-Spectra Android


1 x GS-MAX-8000

1 x USB Type C to A cable

1 x USB Type C to C cable

1 x Manual

1 x Instrument case

Made in Australia

Specifications Value
Spectrometer type Digital
HV Connector SHV
Signal Input BNC
Power USB 2.0 Type-C
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 35 mm
Weight 305 grams
Enclosure Aluminium anodised
Power consumption 240 mA
Max Channels 8192
Temperature compensation -40 C˚ to +80 C˚
Communication protocol UART over USB
Communication speed (rec) 600,000 Baud
Bias Voltage 500V to 2500V

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  • USD $1,499.00

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